Putting Minigames Into The Stories

Date: 2021-10-24

Why'd we decide to put minigames into the stories? Read this to learn more.

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The Origins of Detectives Guild

Date: 2021-07-15

Wondering how this whole idea got started? Read this to learn more.

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COPPA & Privacy

Date: 2021-06-15

Given that our initial market for Detectives Guild stories were kids, we had to think about how to work within COPPA guidelines. Read this for our approach.

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Supporting Flexible Pronouns

Date: 2021-05-15

When we decided to support flexible pronouns for Detectives, we discovered we'd underestimated the difficulty! Read this to learn more.

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Welcome to Detectives Guild!

Date: 2020-10-15

The obligatory first post welcoming you to the site. If you're interested in being a beta-tester, read this.

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