Choose Your Own

A choose your own style story has branching paths based on Detective choices.

Traditional Choose Your Own stories take the Detective through a series of choices that can lead to wildly different endings depending on choices made.

Stories in this category can range from full-blown choose your own stories with many endings, to more mild use of branching scenes.

Choose Your Own stories normally have good replay value.

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Lightfingers And The Grand Square

Author: Jay Series: The Adventures of Lightfingers #1 Price: Free

Even a simple walk through the market square can be complicated for a master thief.

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Lightfingers And The Jewel Of The Fae

Author: Jay Series: The Adventures of Lightfingers #2 Price: $30.00

Can you help Lightfingers steal a valuable jewel from Conrad the Cruel?

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Mondays At Miskatonic

Author: Jay Price: $20.00

A time loop has started on the strangest college campus ever. Can you figure out what's causing it and escape Mondays at Miskatonic University?

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