Lightfingers And The Jewel Of The Fae

Author: Jay Series: The Adventures of Lightfingers #2 Price: $30.00

Can you help Lightfingers steal a valuable jewel from Conrad the Cruel?

Greetings traveler!

This is a tale of a daring thief, a mysterious jewel, and the Fae. If you are fortunate enough to never have encountered the Fae, they are powerful beings who dwell in another realm. Now and then humans make contracts with the Fae to gain power, but those contracts are always fraught with danger and their cost is high.

Our thief is a teen known only as Lightfingers. Lightfingers grew up in the streets of a medieval city. This is no normal medieval city, but one where magic is known and used, at least by the rich and powerful. Lightfingers has no magic, so turned to thievery to survive and soon became an accomplished thief.

In this adventure Lightfingers is after an expensive jewel, one that will provide months of room and board and the finer things in life. The jewel is being held in the mansion of a man named Conrad the Cruel. The fact that Conrad lives up to his name is another reason Lightfingers doesn't mind stealing from him.

Continue now, and see if you can guide our intrepid thief to success in this heist!


Lightfingers character design by Elyse.

Some graphic assets by Daniel Cook were used, edited only for size, according to the CC BY 3.0 license.

Lightfingers And The Jewel Of The Fae © 2021 Jay



Lightfingers and the Jewel of the Fae is what a sequel should be. The game is much larger than the first, bolstering multiple paths and side quests to explore. This game should be replayed multiple times to experience everything that it has to offer.

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