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Lightfingers And The Grand Square

Author: Jay Series: The Adventures of Lightfingers #1 Price: Free

Even a simple walk through the market square can be complicated for a master thief.

Greetings traveler!

This is a tale of a daring thief on their day off. Our thief is a teen known only as Lightfingers. Lightfingers grew up in the streets of a medieval city. This is no normal medieval city, but one where magic is known and used, at least by the rich and powerful. Lightfingers has no magic, so turned to thievery to survive and soon became an accomplished thief.

In this adventure Lightfingers is taking a rare day off to walk around the Grand Square, the largest open air marketplace in the City. Even on a day off, there will be people wanting Lightfingers' help and rich and powerful people abusing their power.

You choose how Lightfingers responds, and who they help. Can you keep Lightfingers out of prison and do some good in the City?


Lightfingers character design by Elyse.

Lightfingers And The Grand Square © 2021 Jay



Lightfingers and the Grand Square is an excellent introduction into the stories on the Detectives Guild website. It shows how certain actions can unlock more of the story, and introduces interesting characters that you meet along the way.

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