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Interactive Mysteries & Adventures

We provide interactive stories, mysteries, and adventures you can give as gifts to the Detectives in your life, including yourself!

What are the stories like?

Some stories will involve solving riddles and puzzles, while others will involve playing through a branching story. Some are mysteries, while others are adventures.

Who are the stories for?

Anyone with an imagination! Our stories span age ranges and skill levels, from the youngest beginning sleuths to the most mature Detectives, and cover a range of genres.

What if I get stuck?

Every scene in a story can have hints available so any Detectives who get stuck figuring out the right answer can get help. Hints start out vague, and get more explicit the more hints you request.

How do I play?

Entirely through a web browser! All progress is saved automatically, and stories can be picked up where you left off on any web browser on the planet.



Lightfingers and the Grand Square is an excellent introduction into the stories on the Detectives Guild website. It shows how certain actions can unlock more of the story, and introduces interesting characters that you meet along the way.


My daughter loves the interactive stories. She's a puzzle solver and a reader, and she really lives the stories. She hates to use the hints, because she wants to work out the solutions on her own.

Featured Stories

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Lightfingers And The Grand Square

Author: Jay Series: The Adventures of Lightfingers #1 Price: Free

Even a simple walk through the market square can be complicated for a master thief.

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The Mystery of the Missing Diamond

Author: Jay Series: The Grace & Grant Mysteries #1 Price: Free

Can you help Grace & Grant solve the mystery of who stole the Star of Calcutta?

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