Detectives Guild

The perfect gift for the detective in your life!

What Is The Detectives Guild?

The Detectives Guild provides interactive stories, mysteries, and adventures you can give as gifts to the Detectives in your life, including yourself!

Try One Of Our Stories For Free

Our stories are played entirely online with no registration required for the Detectives themselves. When you purchase a story you provide a name for the Detective to be known by in the story (that need not be their real name). The only other information we collect during the story are their answers for each scene.

Some stories will involve solving ciphers and riddles, while others will involve playing through a branching story. Our stories span age ranges and skill levels, from the youngest beginning sleuths to the most mature Detectives, and cover a range of genres.

Stories can have hints available so any Detectives who get stuck figuring out the right answer can get help.

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