If you are having trouble figuring out the answer to a riddle or puzzle in a mystery scene, please use the in-game hints before contacting support. We're happy to give you help, but be sure to go through the author's hints first. There are usually more than one hint for a scene, so if the first hint doesn't help much click to get another hint.

If you're having technical issues, please contact us to let us know what's going wrong and how we can fix it. We use an external system called Fresh Desk for support requests, so clicking the link below will take you off this site and to that one.

Please be patient with our support folks as they ask any questions they need to try to work out exactly what's happening and how to fix it. At times it may seem like they're asking obvious questions, but they're trying to narrow down what's happening in our system.

You can also find our support FAQ on the support site.

Click here to Contact Support