Write For Us

Want to write for Detectives Guild?

Have an idea for a great interactive story? We offer authors a 40% commission on every sale of your stories. Write once, and your story will generate royalties forever.

We do have a qualification process for prospective authors.

1) Play through some of the stories on the site, to get a feel for how they work

2) Since writing interactive stories is different from writing straight fiction, we need a demo of your story idea. This would be the equivalent to a sample chapter in fiction. For Detectives Guild, this would mean writing the first 5 scenes of your story and submitting them. Also include a synopsis of the remainder of the story.

You must own the rights to the characters in your story. If the characters are not your original creation, then they must be in the public domain, or you have otherwise secured the rights to use those characters in an interactive story.

You retain all rights to the sample scenes, and submit them to us only for evaluation purposes. If we decide to go forward with publishing the full story, we'll send an author's contract for your review.

3) To get the process started, submit a support ticket with the subject "Author Query". Tell us a little about yourself and link a document with your synopsis and sample scenes. We'll evaluate them and get back to you.