Mondays At Miskatonic

Author: Jay Price: $20.00

A time loop has started on the strangest college campus ever. Can you figure out what's causing it and escape Mondays at Miskatonic University?

This mystery takes place on the campus of Miskatonic University.

This version of Miskatonic University is lighter than that depicted in HP Lovecraft's stories, but still offers classes in such diverse topics as Tissue Reanimation, Applied Mythology, Esoteric Studies, and more.

When a visiting high school student finds themselves repeating the worst of all days, Monday, can they figure out what's causing it and escape?

Content notice: this story takes place at a school that has classes such as Extradimensional Summoning and Applied Mythology. Magic and weird science are both involved. Actual zombies may show up at some point.

Mondays At Miskatonic © 2021 Jay



Mondays at Miskatonic is easily one the best games to be offered on the Detectives Guild website. It has a lot of replay value for after the story is finished. The story involves repeating the same day over again until you get things right. Very reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day.